How to apply

The Summer and Winter Schools are open to university students and young professionals. However, there are certain programmes that require special conditions for admission.

Once you have found the summer or winter course you would like to take, and have visited the appropriate webpage, you are required to fill in the application form Once completed, you must send it to the coordinator's email address, along with your curriculum. The co-ordinator will reply to you within 3-5 working days.

After receiving the acceptance for your participation to the summer school and after the fees payment, you have to:

  1. connect to the Alice portal and register
  2. after registration, contact the Summer School coordinator in order to complete the enrolment and get your University credentials to access the internet and obtain your canteen card..

Please make sure if you need a Visa or Residency permit and Insurance. For further information about these subjects, visit the following webpage:


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