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Other EU Programmes


Other than Horizon 2020, there are other EU programmes that offer interesting opportunities to carry out research activities and to foster innovation.


Please find below a list of some of these programmes followed by the short descriptions of the University of Pisa’s projects they support:


Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme

The Programme aiming to promote the development of a European society based on respect for fundamental rights

Research Fund for Coal and Steel

Short descriptions of the 8 projects financed by the RFCS

Third Health Programme

Funding projects to improve public health, to prevent illness, and to eliminate threats to physical and mental health in European countries


The EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action

PhotonicSensing - ERA-NET Cofund

Developing photonics-based sensing technologies


Fostering research and innovation in the field of sustainable food systems


Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area

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