Limited access Degree Programs - Years following the first

Admission to years following the first for limited access Degree Programs, without the obligation to take the entrance test, can only take place within the limit of places made available following renunciations and transfers of students already enrolled in the various years of the course, in relation to the places previously outlined in the annual planning.

The procedure, terms and requirements for participating in the selection, as well as, for the winners, the procedure and terms for enrolment, are established by the individual announcements published below (the linked pages are in Italian).

Health Sciences

Primary teacher education

Biotechnology and Biological sciences

Architecture and building engineering

Veterinary medicine

Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical chemistry and technology

Foreign languages and literatures

Bachelor's degree programs in the Veterinary Area

Bachelor's degree programs (classe L-8) - Department of information Engineering (DII) 

Bachelor's Degree programs - Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry 

Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Engineering for the Industrial Design

Tourism sciences


For all and complete details, please see the italian page available here

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