Open access Bachelor's and Single-cycle Master's Degree Programs

If you want to transfer to the University of Pisa from another Italian university to an open access bachelor’s or single-cycle master's degree program - by 31 December 2021 - you must:

  1. register your personal data in the Alice portal and access the reserved area
  2. select the menu item Choose a degree programme (Enrolment) 
  3. on the page Selection of the type of enrolment, select Incoming relocation 
  4. select the degree programme of interest and enter the career data of your home university (Dati della carriera di provenienza)
  5. print the enrolment form, sign it and reupload it on the page Enrolment form attachment
  6. if you have not submitted a request for DSU benefits, proceed to the payment of the first instalment in the "Taxes" section (details on payment methods, in Italian). 
    You must pay the all-inclusive contribution and the regional tax even if you have already made payments for the same academic year at the university of origin: the regional tax is only not due if it has already been paid for enrolment at another Tuscan university.

You will also have to submit the transfer request to your home university, in compliance with their procedures and deadlines. The university of origin will send all the documentation relating to the course of studies carried out (a so-called foglio di congedo) to the University of Pisa. If, after 90 days of the foglio di congedo having been received without the student having enrolled, the foglio di congedo will be returned to the university of origin.

After the receipt of the foglio di congedo by the Student affairs office of Pisa – of which they will notify you - and after the payment of the first instalment or the submission of the DSU benefit request, enrolment is completed.

After 31 December 2021 you will have to submit a transfer application to the university of origin and wait for ID photo you intend to enrol in to contact you to complete the enrolment. However, you can send them an email for further information: remember that for enrolment you must be registered on the Alice portal:

1. enter your personal data and details
2. insert an ID photo in electronic format in the section Personal Data - Upload photo (check the information on the photo format)
3. insert a copy of an identity document in the section Secretariat - Identity documents
4. enter the details of the High School Diploma in the section Secretariat - Study titles
5. insert a copy of the residence permit pursuant to Article 39, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree no. 286 of 25 July 1998, if you are a resident non-EU student

Validation of exams

After enrolment, the Degree programme Council decides on the validation of the exams taken at the home university. The approval must be expressly accepted, and you can request its rectification within 30 days of acceptance.
If you do not accept the resolution of the competent academic staff relating to the validation of the exams taken, the enrolment will be cancelled and the Withdrawal from studies (Rinuncia agli studi) arrangements applied.
The foglio di congedo will then be returned to the university of origin.

Tax reduction

For matriculation with transfer, the late payment fees relating to late payment of the first instalment are not applied.

Read all the information about the request for tax reduction on the dedicated page.
IMPORTANT: in the year of enrolment, the reduction is always calculated on the basis of economic conditions and not on merit.

Student card

By enrolling at the University of Pisa you can take advantage of all the services that the University offers, including the issuing of the Student card, a card with a photo and matriculation number.
The student card, a device with Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) and magnetic stripe, will allow to access to all university services and facilities, such as the university canteens in Tuscany provided by ARDSU Toscana; it will also be used as “electronic wallet”.
The card can be used in Tuscan university canteens from the day after its issue. All information regarding the rates applied and the request for a rate reduction can be consulted on the dedicated page.
The student card allows those who attend a Tuscan university (University of Pisa, University of Florence, University of Siena and University for Foreigners of Siena) to access all the services of the Right to Education, regardless of the university at which they are enrolled. Procedures for issuing.


For all and complete details, please see the italian page available here

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