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The Student Card "Studente della Toscana"

The student card “Studente della Toscana” is a magnetic card for all enrolled students at the Universities in Tuscany, regardless of the university seat. It allows students to access all services and facilities provided by the Diritto allo Studio Universitario – ARDSU (the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education).

The student card, a device with Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) and magnetic stripe, will allow the access to all university services and facilities, such as the university canteens in Tuscany provided by ARDSU Toscana; it will also be used as “electronic wallet”.

To access the university canteens and pay their meals, students enrolled at the University of Pisa are required to use the student card “Studente della Toscana”. For information about opening hours, locations of university canteens and rates:

First issuance of the magnetic card

For students enrolled in Bachelor’s/Master’s/Single Cycle Degree Programmes (also in the event of degree programme’s shortening) for the a.y. 2022/23: all information about the issuance of the student card “STUDENTE DELLA TOSCANA” are available on the relevant webpage (also in English) of the Matricolandosi web portal.

ONLY after the completion of enrollment as well as the validation of the identity document and the enrollment form (which will take place within a few days of uploading: you will be sure of the validation when a special NOTE will no longer appear on the Alice portal home) for first-year students enrolled in the three-year and single-cycle master’s degrees, it is possible to book an appointment through the virtual desk for the physical retrieval of the student card from 3 October to 7 December 2022 at the Centro Matricolandosi, in Pisa, via Filippo Buonarroti 4, Building E, first floor.

It is mandatory to show a valid identity document and WITHDRAWAL BY PROXY IS NOT PROVIDED. The card will be active from the day after collection for use in university canteens

For students coming from other universities and enrolled in a UNIPI Master's Degree programme: no requests must be submitted. Please check the dedicated webpage.

For students transferring from other universities: after the incoming transfer procedure completion notified by the Student Affairs Office, the card will be mailed to the Italian address the enrolled students provided on the Alice web portal, section “RECAPITO DOCUMENTI” (Documents Delivery), approximately every 15 days.

In the event of emergencies: a single card delivery can be required connecting to and applying for an assistance request that will be processed within a week.

Single Courses and Postgraduate programmes

Students enrolled in single courses, PhD programmes, Specialization Schools or Postgraduate programmes, can apply for the student card “Studente della Toscana” exclusively through the Virtual Desk according to the following procedures:

  • connect to
  • log in their personal area with their Alice web portal username and password
  • apply for an assistance request providing their personal data and University ID number, and require the card delivery
  • check the reply within the 2 following working days.

In the event of theft of the student card “Studente della Toscana”

Duplicates of the student card due to theft will be issued by the ARDSU exclusively at the card desk in Via Martiri 4 - Pisa, upon submission of a copy of the theft or loss report.

The card duplicate is free of charge.

Card desk

In the event of loss of the student card “Studente della Toscana”

In case of loss, duplicates of the student card will be issued at the card office (Via Martiri 4 – Pisa) by making an appointment.

The charge for loss (6 Euros) can be paid through the following online payment platform (please, select: "pagamenti spontanei -> ARDSU Toscana -> Duplicato card studente della Toscana").

Student card “Studente della Toscana” malfunctioning

In the event of defective card, you must return it to the card desk of ARDSU in via Martiri 4 - Pisa.

In the event of the Rfid actual malfunction-demagnetization or malfunctioning, a duplicate will be issued free of charge.

DSU Canteen Contacts

Via Martiri 4 Pisa
phone 050 567580
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Cartapiù holders

Please note that Cartapiù holders, even when operating as a bank card, having not collected the student card “Studente della Toscana” yet, will continue to use it until the reception of the Student Card “Studente della Toscana”. The ARDSU will send it to their permanent address.

The Cartapiù, if not operating as a bank card, will be no longer in use and replaced by the student card “Studente della Toscana”

We inform you that starting from 9 September 2019 the Bank of Pisa and Fornacette Credito Cooperativo S.c.p.A will no longer issue the CartaPiù and its duplicates.

The Bank of Pisa and Fornacette Credito Cooperativo S.c.p.A. provides full support (contact centers, email, social networks, WhatsApp) to anyone needing for information or help with the cards. Students requiring the opening of another bank account could be addressed to any of the local branches, listed at:

Information by:

Educational and Student Services’ Office
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo #3 - Pisa
tel. 800-018600
email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

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