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Technology transfer

The University of Pisa has a rich source of innovation within its over 200 labs and 20 departments, which span all areas of science and technology. Since the early 2000s, it started to manage the technology transfer process through a dedicated team composed by experts in intellectual property management and commercialization of research. Faculty members and researchers aspiring to create value for society and economy may thus find support on patenting, spin-off creation, business modeling and planning, venture and other funding opportunities, as well as on networking with other industries for commercialization of products or growth and expansion of their spin-offs.

Although this brochure focuses on patents and spin- offs, we remark that technology transfer takes place in the University of Pisa also through applied-research collaborations with worldwide companies that, in the last year, financed our research for about 21 million Euros (+10% in the last three years).

Download the brochure

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