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Doing research @ Unipi

Doing research at University of Pisa allows to be part of a hub comprises 20 Departments and 7 Centres, made up of around 1500 professors. Research activities are also conducted within the 19 Interdepartmental and Departmental Centres. The 3 University Systems bring together and coordinate all the facilities and services relating to the 17 libraries, numerous documentation centres10 museums and their various permanent collections, in addition to those pertaining to the IT infrastructures, also supported by the powerful Green Data Centre.

The University of Pisa is home to an extensive range of sophisticated scientific equipmentand also to the Centre for the Integration of Scientific Instrumentation of the University of Pisa (CISUP), available to UNIPI professors and researchers from outside the University who wish to access it. 


PhD @ Unipi

The PhD is the highest level of education provided by the Italian academic system and provides the skills necessary to carry out high quality research activities at universities and public or private entities.

Temporary Researchers

Job positions for research fellowships and temporary research contracts (from Euraxess website)

Who is a Visiting Fellow?A Visiting Fellow is a scientifically qualified researcher who carries out scientific studies, research, collaboration and…

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