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Networks and partnerships

The University of Pisa maintains active collaborations with institutions and networks that contribute to defining European research and innovation policies, as well as with prestigious international institutions.

Among various University of Pisa initiatives for developing strategic networking activities and encourage research collaborations at the European and international level, the Net4UNIPI call finances the participation of UNIPI professors in European research networks.

With regard to the development of research activities, a constant flow of opportunities is arises from our active collaborations with the Tuscan Organization of Universities and Research for Europe (Tour4EU) and the Agency for the Promotion of European Research (APRE) which represent, respectively, the interests of Tuscan universities along with those of Italian public and private research and innovation bodies in the EU.

The aim is to make the University more internationally competitive in the production of cutting-edge research and innovation, and at the same time, to contribute to the European debate on research and innovation.


The University of Pisa has entered into a framework agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the implementation of joint research projects and to facilitate exchanges for students and researchers.

Below are the main European networks in which UNIPI actively participates: European University Association (EUA) European Open Science Cloud Association …

the University of Pisa acts as the representative organisation in the collaborative agreement signed at the beginning of 2020 between the…

In the field of Technology Transfer, the University of Pisa is a member of the following associations for the promotion…

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