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European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence

Unipi Team Leader: Michela Passalacqua, Department of Law

The European Master in Law, Data and Artificial Intelligence (EMILDAI) is an international interdisciplinary programme offered by Avignon Université, Dublin City University, Universidad de León and Università di Pisa. The programme is further supported by three named Research Associate Partners, and involves more than seventy public and private organisations in the delivery of work placements, seminars, thematic weeks and summer schools. EMILDAI has been developed as a response to the legal, technical and ethical challenges of digitisation. Businesses and public institutions require experts to legally, ethically and safely process data, in particular in the context of the use of AI systems. EMILDAI aims to educate the leaders who will achieve the goals of the EU Digital Compass. Through a two-year fully integrated study curriculum, including up to three mobility periods, work placements, language courses, summer schools and networking opportunities, EMILDAI will produce legal and technical professionals with a solid expertise in data protection, data governance, cybersecurity, AI law and ethics. This fully interdisciplinary programme is divided into two study streams, Law and Computing, and offers two areas of specialisation, Data Governance and Cybersecurity. EMILDAI aims to attract excellent students worldwide, thanks to the offer of an internationally recognised joint degree, monthly scholarships, world-class support services, and by paying due attention to fostering equality, diversity and inclusion with regard to all students, in particular those with fewer opportunities. EMILDAI will promote research-led teaching and staff mobility in order to support collaborative research, funding bids, and establish a network of excellence in the field of law, data and AI. In this way, the programme will offer a vibrant teaching and learning environment, ultimately enhancing the level of internationalisation and competitiveness of the partner universities.

Coordinator: DUBLIN CITY UNIVERSITY (Ireland)

Other participants:


Start date: 01-11-2021

End date: 31-10-2027

EU Grant: 5.174.400,00 €

Project website:

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