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A Digital Journey in Europe

Unipi Team Leader: Enrica Salvatori and Maria Simi, Digital Culture Laboratory

The use of digital technologies in Italian schools has been shown, in general terms, to be both uneven and lagging behind other EU countries, such as Ireland, Denmark and Finland. These countries have well developed digital infrastructures and approaches to the integration of ICTs into educational practice, and score consistently highly in international comparative attainment tests, such as the PISA rankings. This Erasmus project would facilitate teachers and principals observing and using a variety of modern technologies, in discussing their usage with colleagues and students in other countries, and in ultimately enriching their own school's integration of ICTs. Ten schools will participate in this project, encompassing the Mediterranean world, the Scandinavian region and Western Europe. In all cases, they are schools that have the same concerns and ambitions regarding the acquirement and development of high level digital competencies, among their staff and students.
In addition to transnational meetings - wherein teachers,principals and those involved in higher education may study and discuss, at first hand, approaches and practices - it is envisaged that modern technologies will be used extensively for the organisation and conduct of the project, and also, that they will be used frequently to facilitate engagements among students. These activities will be planned and developed throughout the 36 months and will include E-twinning projects between partners, Project Mascot activities, an Online International Cookery Book and whole-school themed activities. Such engagements will serve not only to support the attainment of core curricular objectives, but also enrich pupils' knowledge and awareness of other EU countries and cultures and to create multiple opportunities to become more involved in activities that encompass collaborative learning, active, discovery-based learning, higher order thinking skills and problem-solving.
By the conclusion of the project each participating school will have been exposed to a diverse range of ICT usage and will, as a consequence, be better empowered to advance the progression of modern digital technologies, in line with their individual context.
This project offers an opportunity for organisations who normally operate outside the realm of schools to collaborate with and support schools’ use of modern technology. The involvement of UNIPI, Maynooth University and UCL Lillebaelt - institutions committed to generating and disseminating knowledge, and to training a new generation of EU citizens equipped with the technical and critical skills needed to face an ever-changing world - greatly enhances the impact, scope and potential benefits of this project. Their experience, specific expertise and available resources will be used to: inform and create content for the training workshops; conduct research analysing the level of ICT teaching competencies among staff in participating schools; produce a comprehensive manual highlighting examples of good practice; create and manage a project website that showcases good practice.
It is a point of paramount importance for the project partners that all the materials, reports and conclusions during the process are made available to the rest of the educational community, the schools, professionals and researchers interested in the subject. The participating Universities' immense experience and established networks will be maximised to ensure our project findings are successfully disseminated and its impact is as widespread as possible.

Coordinator: Sacred Heart SNS (Ireland)

Other participants:

Kriivarin koulu (Finland)
St. Mark's Senior National School (Ireland)
Provstegårdskolen (Denmark)
Søhusskolen (Denmark)
Scuola Secondaria I°grado "CADUTI DI CEFLONIA (Italy)
Istituto Comprensivo G.Toniolo (Italy)
Højby Skole (Denmark)
Lissivigeen National School (Ireland)

Start date: 01-09-2015

End date: 31-08-2018

EU Grant: 199.314 €

Project website:

logo erasmus en full


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