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European framework for ‘Knowledge Triangle’ in the logistics sector

Unipi Team Leader: Marco Giannini, Department of Economics and Management  

The idea of this project came out of several discussions and analysis of European and national policies in supporting 'knowledge triangle' implementation in order to assist the international, European and national targets related to Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession. The Project aims to link higher education, research and companies for a systematic analysis and development of Logistics and SCM as critical activities for all businesses and for not-for-profit organizations to be efficient and effective. The consequences of heterogeneous implementation of 'knowledge triangle' in this sector leads to limited transparency and mutual trust among the key stakeholders: HEIs, companies, research organizations. Therefore, this influences both the quality and relevance of the HEIs, and the business competitiveness at European and national levels. To help global competitiveness, it is necessary to establish a cooperation between universities, research and companies. This cooperation can be beneficial for the Logistics and Supply Chain Management profession as it can help in harmonising qualification and certification systems to make them more usable during the recruiting processes. Competences developed and taught by Universities should be aligned and coherent with the qualification systems adopted by professional associations.


  • Supporting an academic offer more in line with the qualification requirements of companies and professional qualification systems.
  • Improving the cooperation among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), business and research in the logistics sector developing academic qualifications relevant for the labour market (Knowledge Triangle).
  • Enhancing transparency and mutual trust mechanisms for the recognition of the professional qualifications.
  • Fostering the quality and relevance of the Higher Education.


  • Compendium of good practices in the field of ‘Knowledge Triangle’ approach in HEIs.
  • European Framework for ‘Knowledge Triangle’ in HEIs in logistics sector (FRAMELOG): guidelines and tools for the application of the Knowledge Triangle in HEIs in line with European Instruments on LLL, by a reconnaissance of the current programmes offered by HEIs on Logistics and SCM.
  • Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance (QA): guidelines for HEIs in addressing QA and Assessment challenges within the FRAMELOG.
  • Validation Report regarding FRAMELOG and the Manual for Assessment and Quality Assurance.


Other participants:

Bulgarian Logistics Association (Bulgaria)
European Logistics Association (Belgium) 
Finance & Banking, Associazione per lo Sviluppo Organizzativo e delle Risorse Umane (Italy) 
AILOG Associazione Italiana di Logistica e di Supply Chain Management (Italy) 

Start date: 01-09-2016

End date: 31-08-2019

EU Grant: 388.359,25 €

Project website:

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