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Mobility, Migrations and European Integration

Unipi Team Leader: Simone Paoli, Department of Political Science

The Module, “Mobility, Migrations and European Integration" (EUMOMI), aims at improving understanding of concepts, theories, processes and facts concerning the complex relationship between free movement of persons, migrations from outside the European Community/European Union and European integration. This interplay is today at the heart of many, intertwined dynamics affecting Europe and its process of integration; a deeper knowledge of its origins and development, therefore, is crucial to grasping the main challenges and opportunities facing the European Union.EUMOMI has five major components: teaching; research; training courses; public roundtables; international conference. It will involve graduate and Ph.D. students from all the Departments of the University of Pisa. It will also address to non-academic actors and the public at large. First, EUMOMI aims at stimulating, enriching and connecting European and migration studies. This will help to raise academic awareness at both national and international level of three distinct but intertwined aspects: the close link between EC/EU internal mobility and migration policies, the important part played by the EC/EU in these fields and the decisive impact of these issues on the internal dynamics and external relations of the EC/EU. Second, EUMOMI aims at contributing to the current public debate connecting academic and non-academic actors. The Module will give both the academic and the public debate more solid and accurate foundations. Third, EUMOMI aims at strengthening the role of European studies in the curricula of the University of Pisa and, in so doing, raising the national and international profile of this University in the field of European studies.Overall, the Module will contribute to promote active European citizenship, foster European identity and awareness, support the European way of life and spread the values of the EU. All activities will ensure gender equality and non-discrimination.

Start date: 14-11-2020 

End date: 13-11-2023

EU Grant: 29.282,4 €

Project website: 

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