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European Law and Gender

Unipi Team Leader: Elettra Stradella, Department of Law

The proposed action "ELaN" addresses the topic of the law and gender policies in the light of European legal order. It identifies relevant principles, regulations and policies; analyses their impact on the E.U. as a polity committed to the protection of fundamental rights, as well as on national legal systems and institutions (political representation, family, welfare, markets); discusses the perspectives of the integration of gender analysis at all stages and levels of policies and regulation, with a commitment to equality and anti-discrimination (COM(2001) 295 final), 2001). Legal analysis in this field rests on a long-established tradition. By bringing specific attention to the relevance and meaning of gender equality to the European legal order, however, we offer a different, at once comprehensive, trans-disciplinary, and highly innovative perspective. Indeed, as the politics of gender mainstreaming has been embraced by the Union as a fundamental strategy towards equality, there is a need to analyse the impact of E.U. law on gender relations and, conversely, how persisting conditions of discrimination hinder the development of the existing rights and liberties framework. Our approach is aimed to foster the knowledge of the institutions, policies and processes of gender mainstreaming within the E.U., thereby contributing the critical appreciation and understanding of the interplay between gender, sexuality, culture and the law. The module covers teaching, dissemination and research activities, including a general course, held over the three-year period, open to undergraduate students; a second course, new and compulsory, specifically aimed at professionals and practitioners, running through the second year; two seminars scheduled each year, held by renowned external experts primarily for undergraduate and PhD students; two international workshops, involving young scholars; a moot court.

Start date: 01-09-2019

End date: 31-08-2022

EU Grant: 30.000 €

Project website:

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