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Walter Salvatore - Vice Rector for Construction

Walter SalvatoreWalter Salvatore
Professor of Construction Techniques at the Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering.

Walter Salvatore was born in Nardò (Lecce) in 1966. He graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Pisa in 1993 and gained a joint Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the Universities of Florence, Bari, Genoa, Pisa and Udine in 1997. He was a researcher at the University of Pisa from 2002 and an associate professor there from 2011 to 2016 when he became a full professor.

Incarichi istituzionali

Since 2015 Professor Salvatore has been the president of the Joint Council for the Interclass Master’s degree in Building and Structural Engineering and for the Master’s degree in Hydraulic, Transportation and Territory Engineering. He has participated and continues to participate as an expert member in committees set up by the Superior Council of Public Works of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the drafting of technical regulations for anti-seismic construction design, the guidelines for the seismic classification of buildings and the reduction of seismic risk and the guidelines for the anti-seismic design of metallic structures.

Attività didattica e scientifica

Professor Salvatore holds courses in Construction in Earthquake-prone Areas and Foundation Structures for the Interclass Master’s Degree in Building and Structural Engineering of the University of Pisa and in Construction Techniques for the Bachelor’s Degree in Civil, Environmental and Building Engineering.
Professor Salvatore’s research interests are in the field of anti-seismic construction and the reduction of seismic risk. In this field, he has elaborated on the subject of the design in steel and steel-concrete composite structures, developing structural systems for the dissipation of seismic energy. In the field of reinforced concrete structures, he is studying the development of Dual-Phase steel reinforcing bars for enhancing the capacity and durability of these structures. He has also faced the problems of the static safety and the seismic vulnerability of existing structures in stone and reinforced concrete as well as historic buildings, studying, therefore, techniques and intervention strategies to remediate their seismic deficiencies. Finally, he has recently collaborated on the development of new methodologies for the assessment of seismic risk of structures, based on a macroseismic approach, calibrated together with the Tuscan Region and that of Emilia Romagna.
At international level, Professor Salvatore is the coordinator of four research projects financed at European level. He was the principal investigator of the research unit at the University of Pisa for a further 12 international research projects; he was also the principal investigator of the research unit at the University of Pisa for five national research projects and more than 40 research contracts stipulated with public authorities and private enterprises. He has supervised and continues to supervise research projects as an independent expert at national and international level. In particular, since 2006, he has been an independent expert member, nominated by the Research Directorate-General, Directorate G – Industrial Technologies of the European Commission, for the assessment and monitoring of research projects financed by the RFCS: Research Fund for Coal and Steel and the ECSC: European Committee for Coal and Steel.


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