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Terms and Procedures

To attend the online lessons that will be offered by the University of Pisa in the first semester of the academic year 2022/23, simply be registered on the Alice portal.

It is not necessary to submit an application on AMMISSIONELM as well.

Download the English version of the guide (here also in the Italian version) with useful information on how to find lesson times, virtual classrooms and references for which tools to use.

Before accessing the streaming platform where you can take the lessons – if you haven’t already done so – you have to activate the University of Pisa’s online services by proceeding with password recovery.

In case you have never used Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom/Meet platforms, read the guides explaining how to use these platforms to follow the lessons.

To access streaming platforms:

  1. Enter your University of Pisa email address (your Alice portal username followed by and not a personal email address;
  2. You will be redirected to the University credentials portal where you can log in with your credentials (you must not add to the username).




The terms for enrollment in Second cycle degree programs start from 28 July until 30 December 2022 with no exemption and no possibility of late payment.

If having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Pisa after 30 December 2022, pre-enrollment for a.y. 2023/2024 will be allowed in Single Transition Courses and university tuition fees will be calculated as for the Bachelor’s degree.

If having enrolled in Single Transition courses and fulfilled the required additional learning activities after 30 December 2022, the enrollment to single transition courses will last until the end of academic year (July 2023). Exams of the selected Degree program can be taken anyway.

The Enrollment in the Second cycle degree program will be confirmed within the enrollment period for a.y. 2023/2024 after first installment payment (or after submission of tuition fee temporary exemption application) by the date to be announced later.

Procedures for students graduated in other universities

If having graduated in another university, for enrollment in a Second cycle degree program you are required to:

  1. Sign up to Alice portal:
    1. enter your personal data
    2. upload a passport-sized photograph (check information on photo format)
    3. upload a scanned copy of your Identity Document in the “Secretariat - personal documents” section
    4. enter your High school data and university qualification in the Secretariat - State Exams section
    5. enter the degree data in the Secretariat - Qualifications section. If you haven't graduated yet, skip this step to complete the registration
    6. upload a copy of your Visa (ex art. 39, comma 5, Law Decree n. 286 of 25 July 1998), if you are a non EU student residing in Italy
    7. upload a copy of your study Visa (letter D, for residing more than 90 days, referring to the year for which enrollment is required) and receipt of Visa application submission, if you are a EU student not residing in Italy

The Second cycle degree Programs are not listed in the section “Choose your degree Program”. Your admission request will be assessed by the Degree Program Council

2. Log in to the Ammissionelm portal:

1) use Alice user ID and password
2) Choose one of the following options:

• Standard enrollment (if having a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification)
Relocation from another University (if enrolled in a degree program of another university)
Degree program shortening (if having already obtained a university degree of the same level i.e. Master’s Degree, Second cycle Degree or a university degree prior reform)

3) under Law 183/2011, a self-certification of University degree will be required along with list of passed exams, credits and scientific sectors (not requested for university degrees prior reform).Self-certification must be signed
4) upload other relevant documents for the admission request assessment (Foreign Language certifications, further passed exams in other courses…). Self-certification must be signed
5) check the Further requirements webpage to verify any possible further document required for the selected Degree Program
6) If having obtained the University qualification abroad, all documents are required under provisions of the Ministry for University and Research “Procedures For Entry, Residency And Enrolment At Higher Education Institutions For international Students For Higher Education Courses In Italy, a.y. 2020-2021”.


Once submitted the admission request, the curriculum requirements and the personal skills will be assessed.

Your admission request may be monitored on the Ammissionelm portal.

After the admission resolution, enrollment will be completed as follows:

  • By payment of Tuition fees First instalment by 30 December 2022

  • By submitting the receipt of DSU Scholarship application in compliance with dispositions of the ARDSU

  • By uploading on Alice portal (Secreteriat - Declaration of invalidity) the relevant documents certifying the tuition fees exemption (certification of invalidity equal or superior to 66% or a certification of disability pursuant to Law n. 104/1992 art. 3, co. 1).

If the assessment of curriculum requirements and/0r personal skills is not disclosed by 14 december 2022, enrollment may be confirmed within 15 days from the resolution notice.

Exams are not allowed until enrollment confirmation.

After positive assessment of personal skills and curriculum requirements, enrollment will be completed:

  • On the date following the university qualification (only for students of the University of Pisa having required for admission during Bachelor’s degree graduation application)
  • On the enrollment registration date by the Secretariat

If a test or interview or the enrollment in single transition courses is required, the enrollment will be completed:

  • On the date of the last acquisition of curriculum requirements and/or personal skills assessment or by the 30 December 2022. After this deadline enrollment in a second cycle degree program will be completed the opening of enrollment for a.y. 2023/2024 and the new enrollment request will be assessed in accordance with the current degree programs.

The additional learning activities already attended in previous study programs or in single Transition Courses for the curriculum requirements fulfillment won’t be acquired in the Second cycle degree program.


Tuition fees and reductions

All information on tuition fees, reductions and deadlines are available at the following webpage.

Please note: If the assessment of curriculum requirements and/or personal skills is not disclosed by 14 December 2022, after enrollment confirmation within 30 days from the date of the resolution notice, the request for tuition fees reduction can be submitted both for enrollment in a second cycle degree program and single Transition Courses.

Tuition fees first installment refund will be provided:

  • In case of negative assessment of personal skills with no possibility to fulfill them with Single Transition courses
  • In the event of a student dropping out of the proposed Single Transition courses
  • If curriculum requirements lack is higher than 40 CFU
  • In the event of student waiver before curriculum requirements and/or personal skills assessment or within 15 days from enrollment completion.

Tuition fees First installment refund won’t be performed if necessary for the Bachelor’s Degree qualification.


For all and complete details, please see the italian page available here


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