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Research communication

The Research and Technology Transfer Services Department organizes research promotion and communication activities such as international conferences and workshops, as well as the “European Researchers' Night” initiative, funded by the European Union.

The Department provides a funding opportunities and research policies information service in the form of two dedicated newsletters and a monthly column on the Researcher of the month, dedicated to research projects and experiences in Europe.

Research projects and activities are also highlighted through news from the Communication Office - publicised in European networks such as Science | Business - and the social media channels of the University, the Research Services Unit and the Technology Transfer Services Unit.

Further insights are offered by the series of videos entitled 'Raccontare la ricerca' (Recounting the research) that address important topics of interest to the wider public and on which the University of Pisa is developing important research. The videos communicate in a simple but scientifically rigorous way, presenting those who commit themselves daily to research activities and facilitating a layman's access to topics which are often complex or highly specialized.

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