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Visiting Fellows programme

Who is a Visiting Fellow?
A Visiting Fellow is a scientifically qualified researcher who carries out scientific studies, research, collaboration and exchange activities within a department of the University of Pisa.

If the researcher wins a grant or research scholarship issued by the University of Pisa they will no longer be part of the Visiting Fellow category.

What is the duration of the Visiting Fellows programme?
It can last for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 12 months.

What is the procedure to participate in the Visiting Fellows programme?
Visiting Fellows are nominated via an application process or by invitation. In either case, the final decision is subject to approval by the department board.

What is the application process if you submit a request?
Candidates are welcome to submit an application request at any given moment during the year by:

1. filling in the appropriate form (attachment A)
2. attaching their curriculum vitae
3. attaching a copy of an ID (a passport, in the case of a non-EU citizen)
4. the application has to be sent to the Cai (International Coordinator) of the Department you wish to visit or work in Pisa

When filling in attachment A, you must declare:

• the expected duration and dates of the visit to the department
• the title and a brief description of the research or study programme
• the name of a scientific representative who works in the department

After submitting the application form, candidates must wait for final approval by the department board.

What is the application process by invitation?
A Visiting Fellow may be invited by:

• Full professors and Associate professors of the department
• Researchers with a permanent contract
• Researchers with a fixed-term contract can invite a Visiting Fellow only if employed by the University of Pisa during the whole stay of the Visiting Fellow.

The professor or researcher who extends the invitation must fill in attachment B.

The full description of the procedures that the professors must follow can be found in the Italian version of the programme.

During the Visiting Fellow’s visit period s/he is considered a member of the department. This means s/he can freely use the study and research facilities. The department will provide the Visiting Fellow with an equipped workstation which complies with the University’s work and safety regulations.
The Visiting Fellow will receive temporary credentials to access the University’s internet network as well as an email address, valid for the whole visit period at the department.

The Visiting Fellow has a right to a monetary compensation which may include the payment of the expenses of board and lodging pertaining to the stay by the hosting structure. This compensation is subject to the compatibility with the entry visa. This compensation cannot exceed a Euro 3,000.00 gross amount monthly for the period of stay. For the reimbursement of the expenses related to the transport during the stay, for needs related to the completion of the planned activities, refer to the Regolamento (regulation) which governs the off-site missions. Also, if necessary, there is a possibility that the hosting structure may pay for the return journey of the Visiting Fellow through the direct assumption of the expenses. In this case, the expense incurred is not to be considered as part of the Euro 3,000.00 related to the stay of the Visiting Fellow in the hosting structure.

Italian Language course at the Language Centre (CLI)
Based on availability and on the teaching schedule of the language courses offered by the University’s Language Center (CLI), the Visiting Fellow may be able to take an Italian language course at the discounted rate available to the University of Pisa.

What kind of activity can a Visiting Fellow do?
Throughout the entire duration of the visit period at the University of Pisa, the Visiting Scholar will carry out individual study, research, collaboration and scientific exchange activities as agreed by the scientific representative and as approved by the department. At the end of the visit, the Visiting Fellow is encouraged to present the work carried out in the host department by means of a public lecture or seminar.

May a Visiting Fellow also teach?
During the visit period at the department, the Visiting Fellow can teach certified activities within a degree programme, a doctorate research course and a specialization course. The possibility to carry out teaching activities of any form is subject to the possession of necessary scientific qualifications and in any case must be agreed upon with the scientific representative at the department and with the president of the degree programme or the coordinator of the PhD programme or the director of the Specialisation school.

Entry and Residency in Italy
People who do not have an EU-citizenship, residing abroad, need an entry visa for Italy. Non-EU citizens intending to stay less than 90 days may be exempt if their citizenship is from a country which does not have to request a visa for short-term stays (the list of the countries is available at

Please note that the 90 days exemption is not admitted in Italy for people carrying out a paid activity during their stay in Italy.

In case of non-EU researchers, for stays in Italy longer than 90 days, it is the responsibility of each Department/University Institution to initiate the procedure available at the following link.

Please note: only once the Department has initiated this procedure and authorization has been issued by the local Italian Authorities can the non-EU Visiting Fellow contact the Italian Embassy/Consulate of the area of residence in order to apply for a research visa.

EU citizens who intend to stay in Italy for longer than 3 months must register at the Vital Records office (Ufficio Anagrafe) of the municipality of residence. Non-EU citizens with a visa who intend to stay in Italy for longer than 90 days (or who hold a Type D visa) must request a residency permit within 8 working days after their arrival in Italy.

For further information:

Contacts and Forms
For further information about the Visiting Fellows programme, applicants can consult the International coordinator (CAI) of the host department.
The candidacy and application forms as well as the instructions and procedures for the authorization request for scientific research will be available in the ‘International’ section of the University of Pisa’s website.
Support with the completion of the entry procedures into Italy (visas, residency permits, health insurance and services) is provided by the International promotion unit at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 

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