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MIT-UNIPI project deadline extension - VII call and VIII call

Following the spread of contagion from COVID-19 in our country, and in agreement with the Vice-Director of the MIT-Italy Program, we are pleased to be able to inform you that the deadlines for the conclusion of activities related to the MIT-UNIPI Project VII and VIII calls are extended as follows:

  • VII call- the deadline, previously extended to 31 August 2021, is further extended to 31 August 2022.
  • VIII call- the deadline previously set for 31st August is extended to 31 August 2022.

We also take this opportunity to remind you, as communicated by the General Manager in an email dated March 3, 2020, that expenses incurred for any missions already planned but not carried out can be reimbursed upon presentation of a written declaration stating the reason for the renunciation. The non-refundability or partial refundability of the cost by the travel supplier must be clearly stated in the declaration.


Use of funds MIT-UNIPI call VII and VIII

We remind you that, exceptionally, for MIT-UNIPI Project collaborations that are currently active, it is also permissible to use the funds assigned for the awarding of research grants.

However, owing to legal constraints, this option is available for students only. Research grants cannot be awarded to graduates from the University's own funds, and the MIT-UNIPI Project is a case in point.

This enhanced flexibility regarding contribution usage aims to stimulate the production of scientific publications (fundamental for the University) resulting from the collaborations financed, an account of which must be included in the scientific reporting upon conclusion of the activities.

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