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Michela Passalacqua - Delegate for judicial affairs

Michela PassalacquaMichela Passalacqua
Professor of Markets regulation at the Department of Law

Michela Passalacqua was born in La Spezia on 27th February 1974. She graduated in Law from the University of Pisa in 1999 and gained her Ph.D. in Economic Public Law and Tax Process in 2003. She was admitted as an avvocato in Italy in 2002 and admitted as a cassazionista (Supreme Court lawyer) in 2008. In 2007, she joined the Department of Law as an associate professor, working both in the doctoral school in “Legal Studies” and in the didactic organization of the post-graduate course in “Economic Law and Public Manager” (GEMP). Within the legal profession, she has dealt with legal affairs in the sphere of her scientific interests: Energy, public procurement, subsidiary companies, local public services, complex urban renewal projects and state aid.
Professor Michela Passalacqua is married and lives in Sarzana.


Institutional roles

Since 2015, she has been the director of the post-graduate course in Economic Law and Public Manager, created by the Department of Law of the University of Pisa. From 2012 to 2016, she was also part of the Scientific Committee area 12 “Legal Studies” of the Academic Senate.

Scientific and teaching activities

Professor Passalacqua’s teaching activity has always been within the two degree courses at the Department of Law (Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Business, Labour and Administrative Law) and deals with the public regulation of markets. She is the author of two monographs on the subject of public supervision of company activity and over sixty publications. Her first book deals with administrative inspections: it presents a possible typification, in order to reconstruct the relationship with the function and highlights the often precautional and in particular discretional nature, and it illustrates the contradictions that positive law presents on the subject of the guarantee and safeguard of the private individuals inspected. The second monograph is a marked criticism of the present model of public regulation of financial markets, uncovering alternative and more efficient means, capable of enhancing what the conservative regulations have always ignored, but which instead are a typical element of today’s banking and financial markets: uncertainty. In these terms, rules following the principals of precaution are identified, where the level of public intervention is graded according to the differing level of uncertainty linked to the activity regulated. Further research interests are mainly in public finance law, and more specifically in the process of expense revision and its effect on the managerial phase of public services; the structure and discipline of state-controlled companies; the relationship between law, economics and public interest.


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