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Withdrawal from studies (Rinuncia agli studi)

Withdrawal from studies is the act of a student dropping out of their university course.

If you renounce your studies, you are required to pay the instalments due on the date of the submission of the application, relating to all the academic years in which you were enrolled at the University of Pisa.

For details on taxes due, exemptions and refunds, you can consult the relevant table.

The late payment, extra charges accrued and not paid are not due: if paid they will not be reimbursed.

In the event of renouncing a program with restricted access, you lose the right to re-join or reactivate your university studies in the same course, unless you have completed the exams required by your course or place yourself in an advantageous position in the relative admission competition.

Please be aware that, if you arrived in Italy with a study visa, enrolled in an Italian University and wish to do a RINUNCIA AGLI STUDI (Withdrawal from studies), in order to enrol again in the same or a different Italian university, you cannot use the study Residence permit you already have and you must get a new study visa.

ATTENTION: for the submission of the request you must pay € 16.00, as a virtual stamp duty (payable via Alice's personal page - Segreteria - Tasse Section)

Students enrolled in the a.y. 2022/2023 who applied for a DSU scholarship are required to pay an additional € 16.00 - relating to the stamp duty required for the enrolment application - if not already paid through the PAGOPA system.

How to withdraw from your studies:

  • access Alice, the portal of online services for students of the University of Pisa
  • after logging in, click on the "Career” section, then click on "Career closure application due to withdrawal from studies" and follow the guided procedure
  • at the end of the procedure, make the payment of the stamp duty of 16.00 euros via PagoPA payment notice, available in the "Segreteria" on "Taxes" section of your profile
  • only after the payment, the Student Secretariat will take charge of the application to verify the regularity of the administrative position
  • before the application is taken over (with the payment of the stamp duty), it can be canceled by pressing the "cancel" button
  • a communication will then be sent to the institutional e-mail box with the final outcome of the application
  • the payment of the stamp duty, possibly paid, even in the event of cancellation of the application, will not be refunded

The waiver procedure starts from the date of payment of the stamp duty. Filling out the application without paying the stamp duty does not initiate the waiver procedure, and, therefore, any fees continue to accrue.

PLEASE NOTE: if you graduated from a three-year degree course or enrolled from the academic year 2020/21 you must NOT attach the university booklet.

In case of the loss of the booklet, it is necessary to attach a copy of the loss report made to a civil authority (Police, Carabinieri).

Documents list:

  • waiver form complete with paper stamp duty of € 16.00 (versione .pdf, versione .rtf)
  • university booklet (Not for graduates from three-year degree courses in Pisa and those enrolled from the 2020/2021 academic year
  • internship booklet (if applicable)
  • payment of stamp duty € 16.00 for enrolment (only in the cases provided for in the table and as specified above *)

Withdrawal of the application for admission to master's degree courses

If you have been admitted to a master's degree course or single transition course and you have not yet confirmed your enrolment, you can withdraw your application directly from the Ammissionelm portal.

"Procedures and terms" a.a. 2022/2023 (resolution of the Academic Senate n. 137 of 10 June 2022)

Student contribution regulations for the academic year 2022/2023


Modulo rinuncia formato PDF

Modulo rinuncia formato RTF

Tabella casistiche


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For all and complete details, please see the italian page available here

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