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DSU scholarship

Students can also apply for a scholarship provided by the DSU (Regional "Right to Study" Programme) and be granted tuition waivers or reductions based on their family income.

The full scholarship includes free accommodation, meals and a monthly payment to cover extra expenses (sporting activities, books, etc.).

The annual call for applications for DSU scholarships is published in the month of July on the DSU Toscana website.

Foreign students (with income abroad) who wish to access the services offered by the DSU (Scholarship, Services Scholarship, Grant for Disabled Students, Extraordinary Contribution, Subsidised Canteen Prices, etc.), must provide, along with their application, documentation relative to their economic situation at home, which:

1. can be self-certified for incomes and assets within European Union states;

2. Must be demonstrated with the appropriate documentation for incomes and assets within Non-European Union states (In this case, a self-certification or affidavit cannot be accepted). Documents coming from abroad must be legalised by the Italian diplomatic authorities in the country of origin as well as translated into Italian.

The documents must include the following information:

The composition of the family unit;
Gross income (tax included) received abroad in the year 2017 by each component of the family unit;
Any buildings (real estate assets) owned abroad, with indication of the square meters, by each component as of 31 December 2017;
Any movable assets (eg bank deposits, shares, etc.) available abroad as of December 31, 2017;
Any rent incurred for residence of the family unit.

Non-EU students from developing countries (MIUR Decree No. 118/2013) can provide documentation provided by the Italian consulate in the country of origin, providing evidence of the student not being from a high-income family of a high social level; Regarding the ISEEP and ISPEP income indicators, the certification allows the calculated income to correspond to € 0 for both.

Students who are stateless or political refugees do not need to provide statements issued by the Embassies, but must demonstrate their "status" through documentation issued by the Civil Court for stateless students or by a specific Commission established at the Ministry of the Interior for political refugees.

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