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Evaluation Tools

The University of Pisa has promoted the adoption and development of a series of tools to support research evaluation, which can be used to internally monitor the progress of scientific production, in alignment with the main evaluation models adopted by ANVUR.

The ARPI University Archive represents the institutional repository for all research products originating from the University of Pisa and provides University researchers with specialist tools for the monitoring and self-evaluation of their scientific production.

The University of Pisa has also adopted the CRUI-UniBas support system for the evaluation of scientific production, as an internal tool for monitoring scientific production and as a support to national evaluation procedures.

The University of Pisa also uses the SciVal platform developed by Elsevier and based on the Scopus database in order to support strategic decisions in the planning of scientific research.

Scival allows you to identify known international collaborations and propose new ones, also highlighting research areas in which individual works are already present and those in which researchers could make future contributions.

The platform further provides many bibliometric indicators including the number of publications surveyed, number of citations and percentile affinity of a publication.


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