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Ministerial Assessments


The Evaluation of Research Quality (VQR) exercises aim at evaluating the research outcomes of public universities and research institutes. The evaluations are conducted by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR).

On the basis of a reference period as indicated by ANVUR via a specific call, research products are subjected to a process of peer assessment. Groups of Evaluation Experts (GEV) are appointed by ANVUR and organised according to scientific area. In their assessments, these groups may also call on the judgment of external experts. Evaluation is based on the criteria of originality, methodological rigor and proven or potential impact on the relevant scientific community. Furthermore, for products from scientific areas where certified and relevant citational data are available, GEVs can use bibliometric tools.

The Research Quality Assessment results are used to assign the reward share of the Ordinary Financing Fund (FFO) which is provided to universities by the Ministry for University and Research (MUR).



Overseen by national Commissions composed of fellow researchers, the National Scientific Qualification certifies, in accordance with specific requirements, a researcher's scientific qualifications, in order to enable him / her to participate in the various selection procedures for career progression.

The University of Pisa assists its teaching staff in presenting their application for participation in this procedure.

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