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Research facilities

In recent years the University of Pisa has invested heavily in its already impressive research facilities, specifically in terms of the supporting instruments and equipment.


Through dedicated funding and with the direct involvement of the university's research groups and organisations, it has purchased 28 scientific facilities located within its premises around the city. 

In 2019, CISUP - Pisa University's Centre for Instrument Sharing - was also born. CISUP is a new research, training and service centre within the University. It operates with a dual function: managing its own instruments (mostly large-scale instruments) and coordinating a University-based network of instruments and laboratories, made available by the various departments on a voluntary basis and with agreed methods and terms of commitment.


The University 's Rector, Paolo Mancarella, present at the first meeting, underlined that “the establishment of the centre is part of a strategic plan to encourage high quality research and fill a gap that we have been aware of for some time. In addition to the obvious advantages in terms of resource optimization, I am sure that the CISUP will also promote greater collaboration between researchers from different disciplines, giving a further boost to the kinds of multidisciplinary research towards which we must increasingly direct our efforts and investments." 

The Rector appointed Professor Simone Capaccioli, from the Department of Physics, as director of the CISUP. Prof. Capaccioli has extensive experience in the use of analytical instruments, including those in large scale European facilities, for the application of physics to the study of materials, biological systems, and cultural and environmental heritage.

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