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Bachelor's Degree in Management for Business and Economics

The MBE - Bachelor of Science in Management for Business and Economics is an undergraduate program at the University of Pisa with the primary mission to help young people to succeed in the business and economics world.

Our bachelor of science is thought to be a one-way journey in the world of the international management for business and economics.

The Degree Program in Management for business and economics has limited access.

In order to enroll, students must pass a selection.


We offer a dedicated Welcome & Guidance service for our Non-EU students: for more information, please click here.



The admission requirements to apply to the Bachelor’s degree in Management for Business and Economics for the academic year 2024/2025 are:

  1. A secondary school qualification or a qualification awarded abroad, which is recognized as eligible in compliance with the existing Italian legislation, awarded by 31 December 2024.
  2. One of the following tests (to take before applying):
  • ENGLISH TOLC-E test;
  • TOLC-E with English Language Section;
  • SAT test;
  • GMAT test;
  • ACT test.

For any further information about admission requirements, please visit the relevant page.



  1. Submit application online on Alice Portal by 12.00 AM of the application deadline, following the instructions provided on Matricolandosi website in the section “How to sign up to the admission test“. In order to sign up you, you will have to register on Alice portal and during this phase you will be asked to write your tax code (just leave it blank if you do not have it yet) and the residence permit (if you live aborad and you do not have it, just write a random date in the expiration date box);
  2. Then upload the ENGLISH TOLC-E/TOLC-E/SAT/GMAT/ACT certification - mandatory document;
  3. English Language certification (B2, C1, C2 or further level) - optional document;
  4. Once you have completed the registration, a receipt of registration to the admission test with a unique number will be available. 

Application deadlines y. 2024/25:

Management for Business and Economics' website:


Bachelor's web page

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