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Free Mover students

The Free Mover programme is meant for international students who are not already participating in an exchange programme such as Erasmus. Students choose a host university and then independently organize their own overseas study period.

Who can participate?

In order to participate the student must have a foreign citizenship and be eligible under one of the following categories:

  • have obtained a high school diploma overseas;
  • be enrolled in a degree programme at a foreign university;
  • have obtained a degree from a foreign university.

For how long?

Students who participate in the Free Mover programme at the University of Pisa can enrol in single courses for an academic semester or year, allowing them to obtain a maximum of 30 or 60 ECTS respectively. Enrolment is not repeatable beyond the academic year of reference and does not entitle students to any final qualification.


There is no actual deadline to enrol in the Free Mover programme at the University of Pisa. Despite this, it is important to bear in mind that the academic calendar is divided into two semesters: the first semester, from September to February; and the second semester, from February to July. As a result, we inform non-EU candidates residing abroad that Italian Diplomatic Authorities often request applications to the Free Mover programme together with applications for Single Courses. For this reason, they ask that both the application form and the acceptance letter provided by our office to be presented together within the two annual deadlines, which are usually in August and December.

In order to allow the office time to release acceptance letters, we suggest that those interested in applying, to send their Free Mover application forms before June 30th (to attend the first semester) and before October 31st (to attend the second semester).

How much does it cost?

The Free Mover student is responsible for the payment of 416.00 euros for one semester and 716.00 euros for an academic year.

Rights, duties and services

The Free Mover student has the right to take exams and earn credits. At the end of the study period, the student can request a certificate issued by the appropriate Student Affairs Office. This certificate lists all of the exams taken as well as the relative educational credits written both in Italian and in English. 

Non-EU free mover students may enrol directly (without pre-enrolment at the embassy) to the bachelor's, master's and single cycle degree programmes at the University of Pisa, after verifying the required documentation, according to the current legislation and admission procedures established by the Study Programmes.

The Free Mover student is in charge of taking care of the logistics while in Pisa (such as personal expenses including accommodation, meals, health care, etc.).

Free mover students have access to the same services as students enrolled at the University of Pisa (such as access to the University's libraries, to computer services and to the University's dining halls).

Furthermore, our University offers a welcome and assistance service to students once they arrive in Pisa. For more information, please visit the Welcome Office webpage.

Enrolment procedure

Before departure: candidates must choose the courses they are interested in by consulting our University's academic offer. It is possible to choose courses that are part of more than one degree programme (Bachelor's and Master's). However:

  1. enrolment to courses which are part of degree programmes with limited access are subject to prior approval by the corresponding degree programme's Council;
  2. enrolment to courses which are part of degree programmes with open access is directly possible.

After choosing the courses you must file the application form and send it to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

You will receive an acceptance letter which you must take to the Italian diplomatic authorities in the country of residence in order to request a study visa (the University of Pisa cannot enrol students with a tourist visa). Should the application be rejected, the student will be informed by e-mail.

Please be aware that an Italian visa can only be obtained (or extended) through the Italian embassy/consulate abroad. In order to stay for one year in Italy, you have to apply - BEFORE your arrival in Italy - for a one-year visa to the Italian embassy/consulate in your country; in this case, you would enrol as a Free Mover student for one year.

Please note that, if you are going to attend the Free Mover programme, you cannot enrol in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, with a simple study visa. You must have a special STUDY Visa called STUDIO/IMMATRICOLAZIONE Università. In case you have another Visa type D, please contact us for more details.

Arrival in Italy: Non-EU citizens, who do not have a second EU citizenship, must request a residency permit within the first 8 working days upon arrival in Italy. The University's Welcome Office will provide assistance regarding this permit as well as other administrative duties (health care, tax code, etc.).

Enrolment at the University of Pisa: in order to enrol to single courses, Free mover students will need to sign up to the online Alice Portal by typing in their own personal data and by making an appointment to go to the WIS! Desk with the following documents:

  • photocopy of passport or identification card (it is best to bring the original passport or ID card, and show it if necessary);
  • copy of the Residency Permit or copy of the Post Office receipt which declares the student has already applied for the Residency Permit (it is best to also bring the original Residency Permit or the original post office receipt). Please note this only applies to non-EU citizens;
  • receipt of having paid the university fee of 416 euros if enrolling for one semester or of 716 euros if enrolling for the whole academic year;
  • one of the following documents (in Italian or in English depending on the type of document available):
    • for high school graduates: diploma certificate issued on the school's letterhead stationery and translated into English or Italian;
    • for undergraduate students: certificate of enrolment at a foreign university, issued on letterhead stationery;
    • for university graduates: degree certificate issued on the university's letterhead stationery and officially translated into English or Italian.

Knowledge of the Italian language

In order to access the Free Mover programme it is not necessary to have an Italian language certificate. However, we strongly recommend at least a B1 level so that the student may be able to follow the courses and feel comfortable when moving around in the city. The University Language Center (CLI) offers Italian language courses the student may sign up to. These start at an A1 level all the way through an advanced C1 level.

Exceptional cases

  • Bachelor's degree programme in Tourism Sciences – Master's degree programme in Planning and Management of Mediterranean Tourism Facilities

Free Mover students that are to enrol in the Bachelor's degree programme in Tourism Sciences and the Master's degree programme in Planning and Management of Mediterranean Tourism Facilities will have to pay €25 for each ECTS credit for the additional services provided by the Foundation Campus of Lucca.

  • Master's degree programme in Veterinary Medicine

Students may not participate in the Free Mover programme.

  • Master's degree programme in Dentistry

Students may not participate in the Free Mover programme.

  • Master's degree programme in Primary Teacher Education

Students may not participate in the Free Mover programme.

  • International Programme in Humanities (IPH)

Courses taught in the International Programme in Humanities (IPH) are not included in the Free Mover programme.

Contact information

Ufficio per le Relazioni Internazionali
Unità Promozione Internazionale
Piazza Torricelli, 4 I-56126 Pisa
Dott. ssa Laura Gornati
tel. +39 050 2212912
e-mail: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


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