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Marco Polo - Chinese students

The Marco Polo programme is an agreement between the Italian and Chinese governments which facilitates the process for young Chinese students to study in Italian universities.

This programme allows students to obtain a student visa to attend a B1 level Italian language course in Italy. At the end of this course, and once the test has been passed, the student can enroll in a first level (Bachelor's degree) or second level (Master's degree) University programme.

Interested students should fill out a request to enroll in the Italian language course and to pre-enroll in a University degree programme, then submit it to the competent Italian diplomatic authorities in China who will process and submit the application to the Italian university of interest.

Suggestions for enrollment

Before starting the application process it is essential to study the list of available placements at the different Italian universities.


Before departure: Chinese students interested in participating in the Marco Polo programme must submit the enrollment application to the corresponding Italian diplomatic authorities in China. They are also invited to choose, at the same time, where they would like to take the Italian culture and language course as well as where to do their University studies (see the academic offer of the University of Pisa).

Arrival in Italy: Chinese citizens, similarly to all non-EU citizens, must request a residency permit within the first 8 days of arrival in Italy. Students are expected to start attending the Italian culture and language classes as soon as they arrive. Once they have finished it and passed the exam, they will receive an Italian language certificate of a B1 level or higher. This certificate must be shown when enrolling at the University.

Enrollment at the University: in order to enroll in the degree programmes with limited access, all students must pass an admission exam. In this case, enrollment can only take place once the exam has been passed. In all other cases, Chinese students participating in the Marco Polo programme can enroll at the University following the instructions of the Matricolandosi website.

Please keep in mind that:

  • Besides the usual documents requested from our international students, Marco Polo students must submit the Italian language certificate, obtained in Italy, with a minimum level B1.
  • In case the student is interested in pursuing a Master's degree programme, s/he must also submit:
    • Original certificate of the exams passed in order to obtain the foreign academic diploma, officially translated into Italian.
    • Content description of each exam taken written on the University's official letterhead stationary or validated with the University stamp.

Info and contacts

Marco Polo programme
For more information, please visit:

Overseas Italian diplomatic authorities:
To consult the databank, please visit the following page:

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