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International fairs and institutional visits

The internationalisation of the university system is one of the goals that the University of Pisa has set itself to achieve through the encouragement of various activities, such as: the pledging of a framework agreement with European and international universities, the availability of courses taught in English, the creation of joint and double qualifications and the enhancement of services offered to international students.

Among the activities promoted by Unipi as part of the internationalisation process, are institutional visits at partner universities and at university institutions which offer the possibility of new collaborations, as well as participation in international fairs organised by various recruitment agencies to promote the academic offer of universities to students interested in studying abroad.

For the autumn of the 2017-18 academic year, Unipi will be participating in the following fairs:

  • 12th – 15th September - EAIE 2017 Annual Conference, Seville (Spain)
  • 13th – 17th October - Italian Day on Higher Education in Vietnam
  • 14th – 21st October - International Graduate Scholarship Fair in China (IGSF)
  • 17th – 26th October - Visits to Schools in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Baku (Azerbaijan) and Kiev (Ukraine)
  • 27th - 31st October - Study in Italy, Moscow and Saint Petersburg

For the spring of the 2017-18 academic year, Unipi will be participating in the following fairs:

  • 6th – 7th March 2018 – DHIP project – Meeting with non-EU partners for management, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • 14th – 15th March 2018 – Institutional visit, Moscow (Russia)
  • 23th – 24th March 2018 – VI edition of Study in Italy, Tirana (Albania)
  • 10th April 2018 – Uniforum Orientation Day 2018, Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • 9th – 10th April 2018 – UDEC meeting, Concepcion (Chile)
  • 11th – 13th April 2018 – DHIP project – Kick Off Meeting, Mendoza (Argentina)
  • 27th May – 1st June 2018 – NAFSA and promotional visits for the Foundation Course, Philadelphia (USA)
  • 11th – 14th September 2018 – EAIE, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • 12th – 20th October 2018 – International Graduate Scholarship Fair (IGSF), China Tour
  • 20th – 21st October 2018 – Study in Italy, Bernardo Paoli Tour, Moscow and St Petersburg (Russia)
  • 25th – 27th October 2018 – Study in Italy, Bernardo Paoli Tour, Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Baku (Azerbaijan)
  • 23rd – 25th November 2018 – The Go-Abroad Fair, Utrecht and Ghent (Holland)

Unipi has also taken part in the Staff training week Refugees at La Sapienza di Roma from the 16th – 20th April 2018.



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