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Medical facilities

The hospital network

Pisa is known in Italy not only for its historical and artistic beauty but also for the quality of its hospitals and clinics. It is also known for the high quality of its doctors and professionals.


The most important and oldest public hospital was founded in 1257 close to Piazza dei Miracoli. This facility, now known as the University Hospital of Pisa, still provides part of its services inside the ancient headquarters of the Spedali Riuniti of Santa Chiara, just a few steps away from the famous leaning tower and from the historical city walls. One of its main entrances at via Roma 67 coincides with the headquarters of the department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

A few years ago, the University Hospital of Pisa started to move its operational units to a modern hospital complex built in the city outskirts in the area of Cisanello. In particular this houses the Emergency department (Building 31, close to entrance 1; tel 050 992300).

Besides being known for combining medical activities with university training, the University Hospital of Pisa is classified as a "hospital of national prominence and high specialization" in the fields of: ophthalmology; intensive neurological care; nefrourology; kidney, liver and pancreas transplants; surgery of the thorax and lung cancer; general and minimally invasive surgery; laparoscopy surgery; endocrinology; endocrine surgery; large burns. Furthermore, it is a "tertiary referral hospital", able to ensure the highest level of performance in situations of emergency. Examples of these are: heart surgery, neurosurgery and neonatal intensive therapy. For more information, please visit the related website.

Not far from the Hospital of Cisanello, at via Moruzzi 1, there is also the hospital facility of the National Research Council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche-CNR). Linked to the National Health Service, it was established to promote scientific innovation and a multi-disciplinary approach to disease and cure. The CNR of Pisa also cooperates with the Regional Health System, the University and the industrial sector with the purpose of assisting patients using the most advanced technologies.

The medical assistance service is insured by the Gabriele Monasterio Foundation which works inside the Institute of Clinical Physiology; its main areas of intervention are general and pediatric cardiology, cardiac surgery, electrophysiology, cardiovascular and pulmonary medicine. The facility also has an outpatient area for specialist visits and a Day Hospital which manages the services for Day Surgery, Day Hospital and Day Service. For more information on the specialist services and the clinical exams, please visit the related webpage.

Private clinics

The main and best known private hospital facility in Pisa is the Casa di Cura San Rossore, famous throughout Italy for the renowned specialist doctors who work there. This multiple specializations clinic which is located inside the San Rossore park at via delle Cascine 152/F provides inpatient diagnostic and care services, short-term recovery/hospitalization and outpatient treatment. The clinic also provides an Intensive Medical Assistance service in case of an emergency. For further information, please visit

The Casa di Cura Suore dell'Addolorata is a private clinic with headquarters at Via Alessandro Manzoni 13. This facility was founded in 1977. It has 34 beds and is divided into two units: the autonomous health unit of outpatient surgery and Day Surgery and the outpatient health unit for specialized and diagnostic services. This clinic does not offer Emergency services.

Some of the services, in particular those of gynecology, general surgery and ophthalmology, can be covered by the National Health Service. In other cases, the hospitalization and service costs are the patient's full responsibility.

However, the waiting time for specialist visits is very short and the service fees are the same as, or slightly higher than, those indicated in the Tuscan regional fee system. You may make an appointment by calling 050.45075 or by directly going to the facility's administrative offices.

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