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University booklet and traineeship transcript

Issued to all enrolled students until the academic year 2019/20, the University booklet is a student identification document valid within the University.

The booklet provides students’ personal details, degree programme, activities and marks of the exams passed.

Students must pay the greatest attention to their booklet’s integrity, as they are responsible for it.

In the event of loss, students must immediately inform the public security authorities and the University.

Starting from the academic year 2020/21 the paper booklet is not issued anymore.

Traineeship transcript

If requested by the degree programmes (healthcare area), starting from January 2022 the traineeship transcript will be sent to the address the 2022/23 enrolled students provided on the section “Recapito Documenti” (Document Delivery) of the Alice web portal while for the degree course in Medicine and Surgery only, the shipment will take place in May 2023.

Duplicate of the university booklet and traineeship transcript

The duplicate of the university booklet/traineeship transcript must be requested exclusively through the Virtual Desk of the Student Affairs Office, according to the following procedure:

  • connect to
  • log in the personal area with Alice web portal username and password
  • click on “Apertura nuovo ticket” (Application for a new assistance request)
  • enter in the 'Title' field: "rilascio del duplicato del libretto universitario/tirocinio”
  • fill in the form and attach it to the application for a new assistance request, along with the mandatory scanned copy of theft or loss report
  • in the section "Tasse” (Fees) of the Alice web portal, the duplicate fee of € 15.00 will be available within 2 working days from the application submission. This fee is never refundable
  • check the application status to know the booklet’s shipping day. The availability of the new booklet will be notified not by e-mail but on the Virtual Desk.

Students are not allowed to self-certify the loss or theft of their university booklet/traineeship transcript. In these events it is mandatory to submit the theft or loss report to the competent Police Headquarters or use the following websites to submit the relevant report online:

Students are not allowed to physically collect the duplicate, as it will be mailed to the address provided in the form.

Download the Procedure Guide

PLEASE NOTE: the Student Affairs Office is closed to the public. Please check the opening time page for any update.

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