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Pre-enrollment to Bachelor's degree or Long-Cycle degree programmes



Students asking for pre-enrollment to BACHELOR’S DEGREE OR LONG-CYCLE DEGREE PROGRAMME of the University of Pisa are required to access UNIVERSITALY portal and fill in the pre- enrollment application to be submitted to the Italian Diplomatic Authority in their home country after validation by the University of Pisa.


Those candidates with the academic qualifications detailed in Attachment 1 of the current Ministry dispositions can choose only one of the study courses detailed in the database available in the pre-enrolment request of the UNIVERSITALY portal. For those study courses requiring a unique national access test (Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry and Dental Prostheses, Veterinary Medicine and specific courses for Architect qualification), the pre-enrollment request is to be considered automatically presented to all the other Universities as alternative to the first choice and indicated at the time of the enrollment to the test.


Those candidates with a qualification contained in Attachment 2 of the current Ministry dispositions can choose a course regardless of the number of reserved places.

The request is accepted by the Italian Diplomatic Authority in their home country “under condition” if the student is attending the last year of secondary school and is either yet to take the final exam, or the special academic competence exams where provided for, or in the event the University of Pisa has indicated in the candidate’s pre-enrolment request that the admission to the course is subordinate to further controls.


Documents to be uploaded on Universitaly portal for the assessment by the University of Pisa and relevant validation of pre-enrollment request:

a) An original copy (or certified copy) of secondary school qualification, obtained after at least 12 years of schooling, or a fully legal substitute certificate and the relevant official translation in Italian language;
b) A certificate declaring the successful completion of the special academic competence exam eventually required for the admission to the University in the Country of origin;
c) If already having the final secondary school qualification, please upload one of the following relevant documents:

Declaration/statement released by the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre 
Declaration of value (Dichiarazione di Valore) released by the Italian Diplomatic Authority responsible for the territory to which the qualification belongs
Other declarations of official foreign institutions

d) any other documentation required by the University of Pisa, with reference to verification of the foreign qualification authenticity and the consequent validation of pre-enrollment request to be forwarded to the Diplomatic Authority for Visa issuing.


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