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Specialisation Schools

Our specialisation schools cover the following sectors:

  1. Health sector (for those who have graduated in Medicine and Surgery and in some cases, for other types of graduate students); 4 to 6 years duration.
  2. Veterinary sector; 3 years duration.
  3. Cultural Heritage sector (Archeology and Art History); 2 years duration.
  4. Legal professions; 2 years duration.

Our specialisation schools have a limited number of places and you may only have access by participating in a public selection process.

In order to participate, you must have a Master's degree or the equivalent of a Long single cycle degree program. Physicians must also be already qualified to exercise their profession. Any other requirements are detailed in the specific announcement notices. We strongly recommend you carefully read these notices which contain all the necessary information including:

  • Course contents and duration of study;
  • Requirements for participating and any possible differences between EU graduates and non-EU graduates;
  • Academic qualifications to be presented or, if possible, to self-certify;
  • Calendar and content of the exams;
  • Amount of tuition fees.

All information, subdivided by type of school, is published at the following internet address: Schools of Specialisation.

Should you have any other specific questions, ask the division of graduate students at the following website: Sportello Virtuale.


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