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Bachelor's Degree Programmes or Long-Cycle Degree Programmes

Matricolandosi is the Portal for the enrolment to Bachelor's degree programmes or Long-Cycle degree programmes

The programmes can have an open access (corsi di studio ad accesso libero) or a limited access (corsi di studio ad accesso programmato).

For programmes with open access, a non-selective evaluation test is required to verify the initial preparation level. This test can be taken even after the enrolment.

As for limited access programmes, a selection procedure is required before the enrolment. All the details at the relavant web page on the Matricolandosi Portal.

In order to complete your enrolment you must:

- log to the Alice Portal

- from the menu select Secretariat - choose a course - enrolment

- upload the required documents (the list is below)

At the end of the procedure, the FORIM Registration Form will appear, to be printed, signed in all three parts and uploaded to the Alice Portal.

Furthermore, the enrollment fee to be paid will appear if the DSU scholarship has not been applied for. Payment can be made online via PagoPA (if the student is abroad) or at the bank, post office, authorized tobacconists (if the student is in Italy), by printing the appropriate receipt.

In order to formalize the enrollment you must upload to the Alice Portal the following documents:

  • An original copy (or certified copy) of secondary school qualification, obtained after at least 12 years of schooling, or a fully legal substitute certificate and the relevant official translation in Italian language
  • Declaration of value (DV), issued by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in their home country, along with the official translation into Italian of the diploma, legalised (or with an "apostille") and validated, OR, the ENIC-NARIC certificate is accepted (in Italian or in the English Language)
In Italy, the Enic-Naric official Centre is Cimea, at the following link: It is possible to request the Enic-Naric certificate (the one called "Statement of comparability") through the platform DIPLOME reserved to students who intend to enroll to a degree in the University of Pisa. Students have to create a personal account, they will then find in their personal profile all the information about the modalities to request Certificates and about all the documents to submit. It will be possible to follow the status of the requests and to find the certification in pdf format in the section “My services”.
  • the receipt of DSU scholarship application if required.

More details on DSU Scholarship (Diritto allo Studio Universitario - Regional support to Higher Education) at

Please note: for a.y. 2021/2022 the deadline for the DSU Scholarship application is 3 September 2021

The rules regarding student contributions for the upcoming academic year 2021/2022 is available on the relevant webpage.


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