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A delegation from Aarhus University visiting Pisa

The Danish University is a partner of the European University Alliance Circle U.

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A delegation from the University of Aarhus, a partner university of the European University Alliance Circle U., was on an official visit to the University of Pisa to learn about the realities involved in developing the InCU.bator, a new space to promote training and support initiatives for students to acquire innovative skills and set up entrepreneurial projects.

aahrus1.jpegFrom left to right: Jeppe Dørup Olesen, Merethe Kruse, Riccardo Zucchi and Alessio Cavicchi.

In this new phase of Circle U., the University of Pisa will coordinate the "Strengthening Societal Engagement" working group and, within it, will be responsible for two specific tasks: "Mapping the regional needs for an open discovery process" and "Developing, scaling up and offering innovative educational activities that equip students to contribute to societal impact". The working group is supervised by Alessio Cavicchi, a professor at the University of Pisa and also a delegate of the rector for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture and innovation. Their main task will be the development of the InCU.bator, which will also consolidate relationships with local entities from a more international perspective.

aahrus5.jpegFrom left to right: Alessandra Meoni, Alessio Cavicchi, Paola Cappellini, Merethe Kruse, Riccardo Zucchi and Jeppe Dørup Olesen.

Merethe Kruse and Jeppe Dørup Olesen of the University of Aarhus had the opportunity to get to know excellent institutions of the University of Pisa, such as the Contamination Lab and the Cross Lab; they then visited the Navacchio Technology Center, where they were introduced to a few innovative companies: Abzero, Soundasafe Care and Relief. After greeting the rector Riccardo Zucchi, the Danish guests met several representatives of the University of Pisa who will actively contribute to the development of the alliance, particularly the projects that will be promoted within the InCU.bator.


The official meeting of the InCU.bator working group, with representatives of all 9 Circle U. universities, is scheduled for January 2024: "The visit of Merethe Kruse and Jeppe Dørup Olesen can be considered a preparatory session dedicated to the launch of the next phase of the Circle U. alliance – explains Professor Cavicchi. The main objective of this meeting was to set the objectives, strategies and expectations – both of our partners and our university collaborators – to maximize the project's potential for the benefit of the entire university community and the local area".

  • 16 November 2023

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