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“Let's Dig Down DHIP”: The University of Pisa gets started on podcast to explain the internationalization

A further tool making the project DHIP accessible to all

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A podcast to explain what is the internationalization in higher education and tell about the DHIP project, which aims at enhancing internationalization in Latin American institutions. Six episodes of Let's Dig Down DHIP will be soon available on the main digital music streaming platforms. The audio series, edited by The International Programmes for Cooperation, Education and Mobility Unit of the University of Pisa, will be officially launched on 14 October during the Erasmus Days 2021


The two young leading voices of Let's Dig Down DHIP, Isabella Covelli and Alessio Venturini, will shorten the distances between people listening and people telling the story. The first two episodes will introduce the project DHIP, whereas the others will clearly describe what is the Internationalization of Curriculum, research, third mission, offices and services, trying to debunk some clichés. They will be all in English and last about 10 minutes.

Started in 2017, the project DHIP - Developing Higher Education Institutions' Internationalization Policies aimed at developing and implementing the internationalization in Latin American higher education institutions, in particular in Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. Further to the University of Pisa other 12 universities and a foundation have been involved in the project.  The project DHIP final conference will be held on 8 October 2021, to reap the benefits from the last 4 years of activities and involve the highest possible number of people and institutions. This is actually the real purpose of the Erasmus+ programme that considers as crucial the “results’ dissemination” in the projects’ development and implementation.

lets dig down

 “The podcast is the perfect spot to catch the attention of a public not easily approachable through traditional channels. Namely young people who can use the podcast as an active tool for education, inclusion and participation – explains Tommaso Salamone, Head of the International Programmes for Cooperation, Education and Mobility Unit of the University of Pisa –. In 2020 the results of the “Digital Audio survey” completed by IPSOS have confirmed that podcasts can approach the youngest audience (52% under 35) and an increasing number of people are exploiting the podcast contents, which can be enjoyed in daily commute or during other activities with no need to watch the videos. That’s why we chose the podcast to tell about our project.”

It is not easy to produce a podcast: the language must be adapted to the specific media, the stories have to excite and trigger curiosity, and technical skills are needed. For this reason the International Programmes for Cooperation, Education and Mobility Unit of the University of Pisa has been supported by Cumbre | Altre Frequenze, an audio production collective.

Let's Dig Down DHIP will be broadcasted on the main digital music streaming services as Spotify, Google Podcast and Spreaker, and on the project DHIP website

From 14 October the direct link will be operational at

  • 6 October 2021

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