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Prize-winning post-doctorate researcher at 'Endocas' for a project on a system of electromagnetic navigation

Thanks to this new device the exposure of surgeons and patients to x-rays is reduced

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endoAn electromagnetic navigation system for endovascular surgery with the aim of providing assistance to the surgeon -  just as satellite navigators (GPS) in cars allow drivers to see their own position on a virtual road map.  This is the result of research carried out by Sara Condino, biomedic engineer who obtained her doctorate at the 'Centro EndoCAS' of the University of Pisa, managed by Professor Franco Mosca and coordinated by Professor Mauro Ferrari, who received the 'Barlettani' Prize promoted by the Cecina-Rosignano Rotary Club  and the Cecina Lions Club.

This recognition rewarded research in the field of computer assisted surgery, that allows clinical images acquired in pre-operative phases (with imaging CT systems) or in intra-operative phases (with rotational radiological scanners) to be utilised for creating tri-dimensional  anatomic 'maps'.  Thus, while the surgeon carries out the procedure, the navigation system monitors the displacement of endovascular instruments and shows their exact position on a monitor inside the tri-dimensional  model of the patients' vascular tree.

Surgical endovascular procedures are traditionally carried out under fluoroscopic guide, bio-dimensional  imaging modalities based on X-rays.  The system designed by Sara Condino allows  reduction of the number of fluoroscopic images necessary for  carrying out the procedure.  It also reduces to a minimum the exposure level of medical personnel and patients to  X-rays.  Furthermore, it will reduce technical difficulties for the surgeon due to his/her lack of tri-dimensional  spatial perception.

(Press Office AOUP)

  • 23 May 2011

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