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The Mentorship II Project is launched, to facilitate the integration of refugee students or students with a migratory background

The Committee is open to the participation of students from all over the University

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The University of Pisa has joined the "Mentorship II, Towards an Inclusive University Network", launched on the proposal of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities (CRUI) and the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), funded by the Ministry of the Interior. As part of the project, the University of Pisa has established a Committee of Mentors whose mission is to foster inclusion and social cohesion within the academic community, through the promotion of social environments in which individuals meet and build relationships aimed at enhancing diversity.

Mentorship 2

The Committee, open to the participation of students from all over the University who intend to join on a voluntary basis, carries out its action in four areas: social, didactic, administrative-legal and communication area. The activities carried out in the social area aim to support and accompany refugee students and students with a migratory background on their path of social and cultural integration in Italy. In order to achieve that, entertainment, sporting, social and cultural events are organized (tourist and / or cultural visits, recreational activities, theatrical performances, etc.).

In the teaching area, the Committee is committed to supporting and accompanying international students in their studies. In particular, these students' contacts with teachers and tutoring services are facilitated, and study groups are set up to facilitate exam preparation.

In the administrative-legal area, international students are supported in carrying out bureaucratic/administrative/legal procedures at the University or in any case related to their stay in Italy (enrolment in degree courses and examinations, activation of the canteen card, application for a residence permit, enrolment in the National Health Service, etc).

The communication area aims to raise awareness among the academic community on the issues of inclusion and integration of international students, refugees and those with migration backgrounds. In particular, activities include raising the awareness of university staff about the project's themes and activities and sharing the project's activities through various communication channels, including social media.

The activities of the Mentoring Committee are coordinated by tutor Dr. Francesca Napoli. The scientific director of the project is Prof. Simone Marinai (Department of Law).

To join the Committee and find out more on the website, or write to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo..

Mentorship 3

  • 12 March 2021

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