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A train ticket machine and an ATM cash point at the Faculty of Economics

For quantity and quality of services offered, this faculty is confirmed as one of the top institutions in Italy

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the Faculty of EconomicsIn April the Pisa Faculty of Economics inaugurated new services for their students and staff. A self-service train ticket machine was installed within the building. This is the first time 'Trenitalia' has conceded its services to a University faculty. Also an ATM cash point for cash withdrawal, mobile phone top-ups and bill payments was installed. The service is managed by 'Unicredit' following a public selection procedure for contractors.

The inauguration took place in the presence of the University Chancellor Massimo Mario Augello, the Dean Dianora Poletti, professors of the faculty and representatives of 'Unicredit' and 'Trenitalia' S.p.A.

During the event another classroom study was re-opened after much extension work. The room has wireless connection for students, and individual lockers where students can leave their books and personal items.

ATM cash pointThese services are added to those already activated some months ago, such as the 'UniversoLibro' bookshop, which provides text books and manuals offered at a 15% discount off the cover price (and other concessions), and the 'Centro Stampa' (Printing Centre) for the reproduction of didactic texts at discount prices.

Still within the faculty, a service provided by a doctor of general medical practice will be re-activated at the 'Punto Salute' (Health Point). This constitutes a project started last year by Pisa University, in collaboration with the 'ASL' (Local Sanitary Assistance) of Pisa and with doctors from the 'Società della Salute' (Health Society). The latter offers consultancy with the weekly presence of doctors and psychologists and periodical meetings with other professional specialised sanitary consultants.

The fees and/or contributions supplied by the sponsors of these services have been invested in improving the existing structures or in the creation of new structures. An example of such is the creation of I.T. classrooms and a multi-media language laboratory.

All these initiatives constitute a 'unicum' in the University and place the Pisa faculty of Economics among the first top positions in the national panorama for quantity and quality of services offered.

  • 5 April 2011

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