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University fees: concessions for all students at the University of Pisa

The rector: "I promised the students to help with the current difficulties”

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No interest to be paid by students or postgraduate students who do not respect the deadline of the 16 March for the second installment of fees for the 2019/2020 academic year.  Interest due for the late payment of fees will be halved (150 euros instead of 300) for students who request a reduction for the period 17 March - 15 May 2020. These are some of the measures adopted by the Board of Directors during the first web meeting in the history of the University of Pisa with the aim of helping the students.

cda telematico2
The rector Paolo Mancarella during the board meeting which was held via web

"This epidemic is causing enormous difficulties for many families and it was imperative to do something,” commented the rector, Paolo Mancarella. “I had made this promise to the students in an email a few days age and promises must be kept.

These measures also concern students enrolled in first and second level postgraduate courses as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students. The former, in fact, will see their next installment postponed by 30 days while the 20 April will now be the deadline for the final installment of the enrolment fees for students in PF24 courses.”

cda telematico1
Some members of the Board of Directors online at the web meeting

  • 13 March 2020

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