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PARSIFAL Project, first steps towards the aircraft of the future

The kick-off meeting has been hosted by the Galilei International Airport in Pisa on 11th and 12th May

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On 11th and 12th May the EU-funded Project PARSIFAL (“Prandtlplane ARchitecture for the Sustainable Improvement of Future AirpLanes”) has moved his first official step towards its final goal: “to lay down the basis for the introduction of such innovation in the present air transport system”.


The kick-off meeting has been hosted by the Galilei International Airport in Pisa (Italy), where the PARSIFAL Consortium has discussed its vision “to have people flying on PrandtlPlane aircraft in the coming years” together with the Project Officer Dr. Daniele Violato of the European Commission Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, and the Advisory Board members of the project. Dr. Gina Giani, CEO of Tuscany Airports and member of the External Experts Advisory Board, welcoming the participants, has underlined the importance of Parsifal project to support the increment of the future air transport and sustain a greener aviation.

“For the time horizon beyond 2030 Airbus sees the need to seriously consider disruptive configurations which may trigger a step change towards future product ambitions beyond the evolutionary potential of classical configurations” commented Mr. Daniel Reckzeh (Airbus Germany). Moreover, the Advisor from Leonardo Aircraft Division (Italy), Dr. Aurelio Calcedonio Boscarino, underlined how “the project is a great opportunity to investigate the feasibility of technological building blocks for different aircraft categories, ranging from the regional turboprop aircraft to large turbofan airplanes”.

The PrandtlPlane is characterized by a box-wing configuration, which is able to give the innovative aircraft more aerodynamic efficiency and lower fuel consumption, paving the way for a new “family of airplanes” which, for the same size, will be able to carry more passengers and cargo. More information are available on the project website (PARSIFAL Project Press Release).

  • 24 May 2017

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