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Internships are training periods which can take place at a company or an organization. The objective is to combine study and work within the educational process in order to provide a direct experience of a work environment.

Curricular internships, which may last up to 12 months, are open to students enrolled in a Bachelor's (Laurea), Master's (Laurea Magistrale) or a PhD (Dottorato di ricerca) programme. An internship is part of the curriculum and takes place during the academic year even if it may not contribute any credits towards your degree nor your thesis.

Non-curricular internships last on average up to 6 months (in some exceptional cases, they may last 12 to 24 months) and are available to Bachelor's and Master's degree students from the moment they have finished their studies to up to 12 months after. University bureaucracy does not restrict these internships since their main purpose is to help recently graduated students with their professional choices and to have a head-start in the job market. These internships are paid by the host Company/Organization.

The internships are activated on the basis of special agreements between the host company/organization and the University of Pisa. At the start of the internship, the company/organization writes a training plan which lays out the objectives of the internship, where it will take place, how long it will last and any insurance that may be needed. The project is underwritten by a company tutor (who will join the intern in the workplace), an academic tutor (identified by the intern who will be responsible for the organization of teaching and training) and the intern.

The company responsible for the internship must prepare a final report certifying the skills acquired by the intern.

Info and contacts

Direzione Servizi per la Didattica e gli Studenti
Unità Formazione insegnanti, Tirocini e Apprendistato
Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3 - Edificio "E"
I-56127 Pisa
Tel. +39 050 2212340/027 - Fax +39 050 2210633
Internships website (Italian language only)

Career service: the University has an official portal, which may be accessed by companies/organizations interested in hiring. Students can also upload their CV, update their profile and stay up-to-date with available internships. Based on the students' skills and interests, the office will also organize meetings with potential employers. Furthermore, the office will assist a student who may have an entrepreneurial idea to start a business.

Info and contacts

Direzione Servizi per la Ricerca e il Trasferimento Tecnologico
Palazzo della Sapienza
Via Curtatone e Montanara, 15
56126 Pisa (PI)
Tel. +39 050 2212248/304/297
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