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Specialisation schools

The University's Specialisation Schools provide knowledge and skills necessary to perform specific professional activities.

There is a limited number of places, available to students after they have finished their Master's degree programme (or, the equivalent of a long single cycle degree programme) and taken a public selection examination. Physicians must also be already qualified to exercise their profession. Any other requirements are detailed in the specific announcement notices and under Specialisation schools.

The Specialisation Schools cover the following areas:

1. Health sector; duration between 4 to 6 years

Residency programmes for graduates in Medicine and Surgery: students receive a thorough preparation and obtain a specialization diploma valid for any of the professions within the National Health System related to the medical, surgical or clinical service areas. The latter is open also to students with a non-medical background such as Clinical Biochemistry, Hospital Pharmacy, Microbiology and Virology, and Clinical Pathology amongst others.

2. Veterinary sector; duration of 3 years

  • Pathology and veterinary practice for domestic animals
  • Animal Health, Livestock and livestock products
  • Inspection of food of animal origin

3. Cultural heritage sector (archeology and art history); duration of 2 years

  • Cultural heritage

The School aims to train specialists with a specific professional profile concerning the protection, management and promotion of the historical and artistic heritage.

  • Archaelogical heritage

The School trains professionals to protect, manage and promote the archaeological heritage.

4. Legal professions; duration of 2 years

The Specialization School for Legal Professionals offers training to become a lawyer, judge, or notary.

For further information, please refer to the competition announcements which contain all the necessary information subdivided by type of school (Italian version only): Offerta didattica - Scuole di Specializzazione

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