MSCA-SoE@UNIPI - Call for applications 2024

SealofExcellenceMSCA Seal of Excellence @UNIPI - Call for applications 2024

With Rectoral Decree n. DR n. 329/2024, the University of Pisa has launched MSCA Seal of Excellence @UNIPI 2024 – Call for applications to attract young researchers to carry out research projects of a high international standard.

MSCA Seal of Excellence @UNIPI 2024 is aimed at researchers, of any nationality, who have:

  • submitted a project proposal under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF) 2023 call,
  • indicated UNIPI as a beneficiary,
  • received the "Seal of Excellence (SoE) - MSC Actions” from the European Commission, by having obtained a score of at least 85/100, despite not having been funded due to budget constraints.

The University will award up to five two-year research fellowships to as many SoE holders with an annual amount of 40,000 Euro, and will allocate additional 10,000 Euro to the structure hosting the fellowship, as budget to start the project.

How to apply

Each participant must submit the application by completing a Google Form questionnaire at this link: and attaching the following documents in PDF format:

  1. A copy of the doctoral certificate or an equivalent degree. Italian candidates can certify their academic qualifications by submitting a declaration as in Attachment 1.
  2. A commitment letter, in English, signed by the candidate (Attachment 2).
  3. Copy of ID card/passport.
  4. The MSCA-PF 2023 proposal, complete of all its parts, as downloaded from the Funding and Tenders Portal.
  5. The Evaluation Summary Report of the proposal, indicating the obtained score.
  6. A copy of the "Seal of Excellence MSCA" certificate[1].

Applications must be submitted exclusively through the Google Form complete with all compulsory attachments, no later than April 30th, 2024, at 24:00 (Italian time).


Results of the evaluation procedure  

The outcomes of the evaluation procedure of the applications received in response to the call have been published with management directive 695/2024.  

Ranking of the applications: 






Giacomo Londi 


Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry 


Bahareh Azimi 


Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering 


Giulia Cozzani 


Department of Physics 


Call and attachments

For more information

Research Development Unit

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[1] MSCA - Seal of Excellence certificates are issued annually in March.

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