Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities for research at the national and international level provided by public and private entities are conveyed to UNIPI's academic community by means of the monthly newsletter on European and international research and a page dedicated to calls.

As part of the Service supporting the drafting of project proposals, researchers can receive personalized assistance in identifying the financing opportunities most relevant to their sector or to a specific project idea.

Information and training initiatives dedicated to particular funding tools are also organized.


Funding from the University

The University periodically provides funding to encourage scientific productivity in its teaching staff (University Funds and University Research Projects) and to promote the internationalization of research (BIHO and MIT-UNIPI call).

Likewise, the University devotes resources to the co-financing of large-scale equipment essential for research activities and to disseminating Call results for the assignment of funds for the organization of conferences and the publication of documents.

On the pages listed below (in Italian) you can find a description of the various opportunities, download the related calls and consult the results of the procedures concluded:

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