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Record number of applicants at the Summer School CardioLung 2017

The Summer School CardioLung 2017, coordinated by professors Carlo Palombo, Mario Marzilli and Pier Luigi Paggiaro from the Department of Surgical, Medical, Molecular Pathology and Critical Care Medicine, began on the 19th of June with a record number of applications, in the fifth year since its establishment.

This Summer School, offered at the Medical School as a part of the University’s internationalisation activities, has seen its number of registered students grow exponentially to 82, including two large delegations from Mumbai (India) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) as well as a large group of European participants, from Amsterdam to Bucharest passing through Basel, Moscow and Kiev.

Also available to students from the University of Pisa, this year offers a completely new trial scheme made up of a small group of High School students, within the context of the MIUR programme for Alternative Education – Work and orientation for High School students after diploma.

Having always been inspired by multidisciplinary and translational criteria, the Summer School CardioLung proposes recognised clinical issues as well as emerging research topics such as personalised medicine, heart-brain axis studies and bioengineering developments for cardiorespiratory physiological monitoring.

As well as Besides the professors from our University, the faculty also engages with internationally recognized lecturers from other Italian and European universities, including Florence, Modena, Milan Bicocca and Humanitas, Monzino Foundation, Geneva, London King’s College, Cardiff and Lund. The regular participation of international professors is also aimed to promote the prospect of academic and scientific collaborations at the University.

As the end of the course approaches (30th of June), several participants have already started submitting their positive comments and experiences about their time at the Summer School, reinforcing the value of the initiative to promote the visibility of our University.

Committed support from the technical and administrative staff in the International Unit and in the Medical Area Department (DAM) has been crucial to the success of the current Summer School, as has been the financial support from various regional and non-regional economic bodies who have unconditionally backed this educational and promotional project at the University.

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