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E-learning: guidelines

Dear students,

due to the epidemiological emergency caused by COVID-19 and in compliance with government provisions, in-presence teaching activities in all Degree Programmes of the University of Pisa are suspended at least up to 31 August 2020.

From 9 March 2020 E-learning will be available
To attend video lessons, please follow these steps:

1) log in the in the web porta Valutami

2) Click on “On line lessons” and then on “Search”

3) search the video lesson you are interested in (using the teacher’s surname or the course title)

4) If the course title appears, click it and see the box showing the remote procedure, the platform provided with the educational materials and any notes available. In the event the course you are interested in does not appear, please ask your teacher by email (including in copy the Study Programme Director) to provide information on the course remote procedure. According to what I know, the 65% of the teaching staff has already provided it and hopefully the percentage will rise.

If the procedure is “Microsoft Teams” or “Google Meet”, click on it at the scheduled time and the virtual class will be available. Attend the video lessons entering your UNIPI email address (not your private  personal address!)
If no procedure appears, the teacher will upload a recorded lesson on the platform before the class scheduled time and, in any case, will provide any explanation required (by email, phone, or videoconference) during the lesson time.  
Updates on telematic platform guidelines and situation evolution are available at
- News at

Thank you for your kind collaboration in such a difficult time.
Il Rettore

The Rector

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