Besides the Orchestra and the Choir, you can also sign up to participate in many other university associations:

  • The VOICES OF HEAVEN GOSPEL CHOIR is formed by a group of 30 people (some of whom are students) who come from various Italian regions and share a love for singing, in particular for Gospel music. The choir performs at social events which may include the support of humanitarian and volunteer activities at a local, national and international level. Since 2010 the VOHGC has also performed in wedding celebrations which involve Catholic, Evangelical or non-religious rituals.

  • A.L.A.P. Associazione Laureati Ateneo Pisano (Alumni association).

  • E-Team. Squadra Corse is the University's racing team which is made up of students from Engineering and other departments.

  • Radioeco is the Student web radio at the University of Pisa.

  • Ingegneria senza frontiere (ISF) is an association involved in international cooperation in developing countries. In collaboration with other organizations, ISF implements appropriate sustainable technologies which can work in a given social and cultural context.

  • Chiesa Universitaria di San Frediano is the University Church of Pisa.

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