The Green Data Centre of the University of Pisa is a next-generation DataCentre facility built in San Piero a Grado (Pisa), launched in late 2016. It was built using the latest available technologies for Cooling facilities, Power Supply and Distribution, reaching a record PUE (Power Used Effectiveness) of 1.15 / 1.2. It occupies 250 m2 and its computing rooms host 66 racks equipped with 2 separate power supply circuits and in-row cooling facilities. Green DataCentre hosts more than 400 latest generation servers comprising about 10k cores, 68Tb RAM, 55 GPU (22 Tesla V100, 4 Tesla K80, 8 Tesla P100, 4 Tesla M40, 15 Tesla T4, 2 Xeon Phi 7210), and 2 petabytes of storage dedicated to Scientific Computing (HPC Clusters, GPU servers, Multiprocessor Nodes) and Virtualization Services (Self Service Virtual Machine Systems and Virtual Desktops). The networking is based on the latest generation 25/100 Gb/s Ethernet switching and Infiniband/Omnipath for HPC Services. The Green DataCentre is connected to the University Network with a 200 Gb/s Fibre Network and to the GARR Network with a 10 Gb/s Link.

The Computing@Unipi service uses the computing resources provided by the Data Centre of the University of Pisa and offers its researchers the opportunity to perform intensive scientific computation via the HPC clusters (with or without GPU) described above, or by allocating appropriately configured autonomous virtual machines.

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