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The EU and its neighbours: challenges and opportunities of cooperation

The summer school focuses on the EU relations with its Southern and Eastern neighbours placing emphasis on the opportunities of cooperation, especially in the fields of trade and energy as well as on the challenges of this cooperation in the fields of foreign affairs and migration. Experts coming from the academia, think tanks or international institutions will explain the instruments through which the EU supports and seeks to influence its neighbours as well as the achievements and failures of the European Neighbourhood Policy.
The programme is based on lectures of two/three hours and a simulation game given in English and offered by professors and experts in law and political science. The students will be provided with reading material and will be asked to take a final exam. The total number of hours (including the simulation game) of the summer school is 28/30.


The summer school aims at providing students of political science and law interested in the EU external relations a broad overview of the problems underlying the EU cooperation with its neighbours taking into consideration the geopolitical context and the opportunities for them to deepen their cooperation with the EU. The summer school is also open to students coming from the “neighbours of EU neighbours” in order for them to learn the principles and the strategy underlying the EU relations with its neighbours.

Who can apply

Students of political science and law or who have made EU studies in other fields of studies.



Program Intensity


Admission Requirements

The summer school is open to students of second degree programmes (Master) in EU/international studies. Students are asked to submit an application form (available on the website of the summer school) and other documents. Evidence of B2 (or higher) level of English is highly recommended.




250 Euro


Sara Poli


11-15 June 2018


 Further Information

Direzione Ricerca e Internazionalizzazione
Unità Cooperazione Internazionale
Lungarno Pacinotti, 44 56126 Pisa

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