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Contamination Lab Pisa 2019




The Contamination Lab is a project co-funded by Miur ( developed by the Technology Transfer Services Unit of the University of Pisa.

The IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca, Scuola Normale Superiore and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa collaborate in the project. The activities will be carried out together with other local authorities (Chambers of Commerce, technological centers, large companies).

The CLAB is a physical and virtual space for meeting and contamination, with the aim of training students and researchers in the entrepreneurial culture (self-entrepreneurship) and making it known to startups and aspirants entrepreneurs, in possession of creative and innovative ideas, the possibilities of financing to support the creation of a business; The promoters of innovative ideas come Accompanied step by step to the creation of a business thanks to the support of experts.

CLab favors a network of contacts and opportunities for comparison between universities, research and local businesses.

Seat of the Contamination Lab is the Ex Benedettine Complex, Piazza San Paolo Ripa D'Arno 16 - Pisa.

Participation in all the activities of the course is free. For more information, see the CLab 2019 Brochure.

To partecipate

The initiative is reserved for:

  • PhD students of any year of course;
  • PhDs from no more than 18 months to 31 January 2019;
  • Students of master or specialist degrees;
  • Students of single-cycle master's degrees regularly enrolled from the fourth year of the course;
  • Graduates with a Master's degree, as well as specialist or single-cycle master's degree, who have    obtained the qualification for no more than 18 months to 31 January 2019;
  • Research fellows, teachers and researchers;

coming from all subject areas.

The initiative is reserved for subjects coming from the University of Pisa, the Scuola Normale Superiore, the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies and the IMT School - High Studies of Lucca.

It is possible to register for the following training courses: PHD + and CYB +


The deadline for enrollment in the PHD + is set for January 22, 2019. To register click HERE

Compilation of the "Motivational Letter" field is mandatory, explaining reasons and expectations of participation to the CLab.


The registration to the CYB + will be carried out from 18 February 2019 to 18 March 2019 by sending a form fillable in Italian or English that will be made available HERE

In the application form for CYB + you will have to indicate:

  • - the description of the idea of ​​start-up or of the project;
  • - the market and the target audience;
  • - The overall skills of the team, where it exists.

It will be mandatory to fill in the "Motivational Letter" field, which explains the reasons and expectations of participation to the CLab.

Forty (40) places, within the CYB + path, will be reserved for those who participated in the PHD + and who, at the end of the course, presented an entrepreneurial or start-up project positively evaluated by the Evaluation Committee and who performed the final Pitch.

For the participants in the PHD + and CYB + courses, both of which are part of the Contamination Lab project, which complete the course with the presentation of the written business project / idea and / or final presentation / elevator pitch, the following training credits can be identified:

- PHD + 3 training credits;

- CYB + 6 training credits.

A Commission (indicated in Article 6 of this Call) will evaluate the final project and the training credits will be associated with a suitability assessment.

The possibility remains for those who have attended each course with at least 70% of the hours of frontal teaching to obtain the only attendance certificate.

For participants still enrolled at the university or with the intention of matriculating for further study courses, the faculty to recognize the above credits as useful and expendable for the achievement of the title remains in the hands of the Boards of Study.

For any information, send an e-mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

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